Cosmetic Stem Cell Treatments

In addition to its uses in the treatment of injuries and degenerative conditions, PRP can also be utilized in various cosmetic procedures to revitalize your hair and facial features. Contact us today to set up your appointment at one of our Minnesota stem cell clinics (located in Minneapolis and Edina) – (612) 207-7463.

Hair Restoration Using PRP

PRP injections can be an effective option for restoring lost hair. The procedure is largely the same as PRP therapy for injuries and other conditions. The physician draws a sample of the patient’s blood and runs it through a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma. Once the solution is ready, it is injected into the patient’s scalp – near the area of hair loss. The platelet-rich plasma then goes to work rejuvenating lost tissue and encouraging hair regrowth.

PRP Facial

The PRP facial (sometimes referred to as the Vampire Facial) is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes platelet-rich plasma in order to rejuvenate facial features. A solution made from the patient’s own blood plasma is injected into the face in order to tighten wrinkles and restore damaged facial tissue.

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PRP injections can help restore lost hair, rejuvenate your facial features, and help you look as young as you feel. Our Minnesota stem cell doctors have decades of experience providing treatment to patients throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. If you’d like to learn more about the PRP facial, or hair restoration using PRP therapy, contact us today to set up your appointment – (612) 207-7463.

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